API Q1 Practitioner Course 26 - 29 October 2020

The API Spec. Q1 Fundamentals course is a 3-day course that will give insight as to the drivers behind Q1’s importance and its value in the Oil & Natural Gas Industry. Using practical examples and hands-on application, this course is designed to progressively give you introductory to advanced knowledge of Q1’s requirements and interpretations. With its extension of 4 days for Practitioner, takes a comprehensive look into Q1’s requirements and interpretations. This course is an extension of the 3-day Q1 Fundamentals course and is intended for those who want a more detailed coverage of the requirements in Q1. This course is ideal for those seeking Q1 certification and includes interactive workshops, group exercises, real-world experience, and case studies to provide you with the basics for implementing a Q1 compliant management system.


Learning Objective
At the end of the course, participants should have the knowledge and understanding of the following:
• The importance of API, Spec. Q1, and Monogram Program
• Exclusions and legal requirements
• QMS requirements and steps for a successful implementation and certification
• Product realization
• Measurement, analysis, and improvement

This course is ideal for both newcomers and those already familiar with working under API Spec. Q1 requirements.
• API Monogram licensees and applicants
• Quality assurance personnel and management representatives
• Manufacturers of oilfield equipment
• Personnel involved in supplier evaluation activities
• Quality system auditors
• Personnel involved with specifying equipment requirements
• Individuals in business support or management staff positions in the oil and gas industry

Course Material
Students receive comprehensive course manuals with reference materials, including:
• Workbook with presentation and added notes
• Training participant workbook
• Practical exercises
• Case studies

Summary Agenda
The topics in this course include:

Section I – API Q1 Fundamentals
• Importance of API Q1
• Overview, Exclusions, Legal Requirements
• Product Realization
• Design and Development
• Contingency Planning and Purchasing
• Production and Servicing Provision
• Control of TMME, Product Release & MOC
• QMS Monitoring, Measurement, Analysis and Improvement

Section II – API Q1 Practitioner:
• Monogram
• Risk Assessment & Management
• Product Quality Plans
• Management of Change

Duration and Class Hours
The duration of this course is Two Days for Fundamentals and three days for Practitioner, as follows: 09:00 AM to 06.00 PM Online
Training with Zoom Platform or Classroom

Test and Certificate
This course has a practical examination, completed and graded at the end of the class, an API-U Certificate of Completion is provided to all participants pass final exam.

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